A new patio!!


We are adding a patio in our front yard to cut down on maintenance over time of our zone one and two permaculture areas!  No grass to cut!!  Today they start and should be done by the end of the week.  You can decide for yourself if the company is a good one as I post pictures all week-long.  Below I will add the link to their webpage and a picture of their work.

I am excited because the son of the owner has studied permaculture!  Who would have known such a small place like Fort Payne, Alabama has someone interested in permaculture and hugelkultur!  He is going to help me plant the right tress and plants around my trees over the next several months.  I think the hugelkultur is going to really help my plants be so much more productive!

The goal is to have pathways of pine bark free from Crossville Woodyard and beds of many types of perennials, including edibles and flowers, around all the fruiting tress and bushes.  I hope to put in a small pond to catch and clean grey water from the house.  Maintenance promises to be low!  Hopefully I am not terribly naive!  If I can just keep the animals from giving me a work over!!  We have significantly increased the bird population on our place near our barn/house!  Maybe my cats won’t decimate them!  I will likely put bells on their collars soon!



My place will never look this manicured!!  Not my style!!  But, I hope it will be attractive and natural feeling!!


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