This next week I leave for Brazil!!  I will be with Carlos, my partner on Agroshare as well as my daughter and grandchildren.  I will try to post while I am gone about what is going on in Brazil concerning farming, sustainable living and anything else we find interesting about being healthier in life!!  Carlos and I will be able to talk face to face about agroshare so hopefully we can come up with ideas and improvements that we can make to our page.  We will visit Salvador, Brazil which is in the northern part of the country.  I have not traveled very far in Brazil the several times I have been so I am excited to be able to see some of Brazil’s history!!  I won’t be available by phone but will be available through agroshare and Facebook.  No phone service across the continents!!

This picture above is Salvador, Brazil which is where we will travel to.  Carlos’s parents live in Mogi Guacu and Beth and Carlos live in Pompeia which is in the picture here.  

I will also travel to see a friend I met many years ago when I did a residency rotation in Brazil.  She lives in Botucatu.  I am very excited!!  Happy New Year!!


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A country doctor who tries to help people become healthier and get off as many medicines as possible. I am also attempting to live a sustainable lifestyle by being off the grid and working toward minimalism. The minimalism part is hard!

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