Camp McDowell!! What a beautiful place and what a great education center!

42e1251917f24bf2b76c39cee5a81a92This is an episcopal camp but it is also so much more.  I do not discuss religion on this web page but I have found a great resource for teaching our communities and learning about sustainable agriculture!!!

I just got home earlier today from a 2 1/2 day retreat at Camp McDowell!  If you don’t know where that is, you go to Double Springs on Hwy 278 from here and take a left on Hwy 195 South toward Jasper and it is about half way down.  It had been about 40 years since I had actually been there to see my brother who was there at a retreat during college.  Since I had not seen him in a long while I went to visit him.  My parents are/were Episcopalian as I was growing up so they had been several times after I left home.  I had no idea all that goes on there!  This is not just a religious camp and they don’t even mention their faith the whole time but it is an incredible learning experience for school kids and adults who want to learn about sustainable methods of growing food and taking care of livestock!  They have children from all over the state who come for three days to learn incredible amounts of information and experience what it is like to grow and eat organically grown food as well as invent projects for this sustainable farm!!  I cannot wait to talk to our community about helping the kids from Collinsville go here every year!  Their curriculum follows state guidelines and they have scholarships for children who cannot afford the fee for the three days.  It is so beautiful!!  What an experience these kids are having.  They also have many activities going on for adults as well.  This weekend I was there as a member of ASAN (Alabama Sustainable Agricultural Network), listed here and on our resource page.  I was also there because I was asked to speak to the Sierra Club, with which I was not very familiar.  So these two groups collaborated together to bring a great weekend!  I had always thought Sierra Club was just a hiking club but they actually do much more and our Alabama Chapter has been a strong supporter of ASAN for many years.  I cannot get my pictures to download quickly from my phone to the cloud so it may be later tonight or tomorrow before I can put some pictures on line of the weekend.  I do now see a couple here on my computer!!  I will add them below! Or right here!!   img_0142

img_0155We ate some incredible food and there were so many activities to keep us busy while getting to know more about who and what is going on around our state!  Great weekend!

Camp McDowell!


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