This was my yard yesterday!!


We are going to start a new permaculture area in the yard of mi casinha (sounds like cazeenya), my tiny house in Portuguese!  Today we have planted five pecan trees, Caddo is the variety.  We

This was my yard yesterday!! 2017-02-26T22:56:25+00:00



This next week I leave for Brazil!!  I will be with Carlos, my partner on Agroshare as well as my daughter and grandchildren.  I will try to post while I am gone about what is

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Rutabaga!! My first!


I used to feed my kids rutabagas when they were little for variety.  My produce market in Sumiton, Alabama always had them.   So this year I grew my first.  I grew them in my

Rutabaga!! My first! 2016-12-31T16:25:23+00:00

Patio is done!


Our patio is finished!  Tim never brags on anyone's work but says these guys did better work than he would have done!  They were also very nice and well behaved!  I guess men don't always

Patio is done! 2016-11-28T00:37:49+00:00

Greens looking rough!


My greens are struggling in such dry weather and now they have lots of bugs!  Tim does not stand and water as long as I do so today I hit them hard.  The armadillo still

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New Patio almost finished!!


The patio is almost finished!  Tim is very picky and hardly ever speaks well of anyone's work but has said this is some of the best work he has ever seen a crew do!!  So

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Travel Buddy!!


This weekend trip was taken by a travel buddy and me, Dove Stackhouse who is the owner with her husband of Whirlwind Farms in Geraldine!  I am so excited because we are now going to

Travel Buddy!! 2016-11-28T00:37:52+00:00

A new patio!!


We are adding a patio in our front yard to cut down on maintenance over time of our zone one and two permaculture areas!  No grass to cut!!  Today they start and should be done

A new patio!! 2016-11-28T00:37:54+00:00