Alabama Beekeepers Activities and web page!


Here is an important web page to visit if you are keeping bees in Alabama or are concerned about bees and want to participate in bee keeping activities.  Comment any time on how helpful these

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Permaculture Videos!!


These are some of the best permaculture videos I know of.  Geoff Lawton also has a great website and permaculture course, although I have not taken it.  One day when I have time I would

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Sustainable Communities Online

2016-11-28T00:38:08+00:00 For some information on what might be going on around the country you can go to this website and find some good stories and news articles.  It can make one feel a little

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I have visited some web sites on sustainable living and growing/farming and many don't have sticking power.  But this one appears to be here for now!  It has some fun stuff to read about and

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Joel Salatin


  Many of Joel Salatin's book are very helpful.  I have several of them and have not finished even one but have read at least half of almost all of them!!  They are all available

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Gardens that matter


I found a new blog/web page today that appears to be fairly new but may be helpful over time for very new gardeners or people who are trying to get motivated to start a garden.

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Missouri State Resources


MISSOURI STATE ORGANIZATION AND LAWS Missouri State website  Southern SARE USDA  Missouri Organic Association SUSTAINABLE GARDENING University of Missouri Extension Missouri Botanical Gardening PERMACULTURE Missouri Permaculture  Kirksville Permaculture

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