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What Centering is:

Centering started in the 1990’s as one healthcare provider’s idea to provide more effective prenatal care to her patients.  Instead of repeating the same information over and over to women one at a time, our founder, Sharon Rising, brought pregnant women together for their prenatal visits.   Colleagues who learned about her groups started doing it too, and through word of mouth the demand grew for Centering facilitation trainings across the country.

Centering is an innovative, evidence-based model of group care that is effectively addressing the complex social determinants of health.  This paradigm shift is making an impact by bringing patients out of the exam room and into a comfortable group setting.  Patients receive the highest quality of care and, as part of an ongoing group, form a supportive community where they develop skills and confidence to take control of their health.  The Centering model combines health assessment, interactive learning and community building to deliver better health outcomes and a better care experience for patients and their providers.


Centering is a proven model for patients with ongoing illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and weight loss.  Centering is patient-centered care.  The visit schedule and content follow nationally recognized guidelines with flexibility and time to explore health and wellness topics that fit the group’s needs.  Receiving healthcare in a group setting leads to greater engagement, learning, and self-confidence.


What Centering Offers:

Son Rising, 1994, Waterbury Hospital, CT

  • Centering empowers patients, strengthens patient-provider relationships, and builds communities
  • Centering is better care, better health, and lower cost
  • All Centering group models provide for one-on-one health assessment with a healthcare provider
  • Interactive Learning
  • Skilled Centering facilitators utilize interactive activities to encourage sharing of knowledge and experiences.
  • Centering builds long-lasting bonds between patients, providers, and community partners.
  • Better Care


We have already done two groups in the past five years.  Each new group will meet monthly, every other month and every third month for two years. If you have diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, we can help you.  We would also like to offer services for metabolic syndrome, which includes those who are overweight and obese.


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