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DPC is a new model of medicine!  You only pay $50 a month and we give you as much care as you need in a primary care setting.

We do not have this page set up yet with a password but patients know how to access it currently with a page link. If you are a DPC patient and don’t know how to access the videos and resources please call the clinic and we will provide you with this information.

We will upload videos to this page after January 2020 when they are completed for the education classes we will provide at the library.  It will be free to all DPC patients.  I am working with my liability lawyers to make the page secure.  I may or may not be able to talk to patients directly through this page but more information will be forthcoming.  As always, thanks so much for the support of all who participate in our clinics, web page, forum and community.

Currently the button below takes you to the community. At a later date if you are a current DPC member, you will eventually be given a login to access the education portal below:

Keto Classes (Videos)

Caring for Alzheimer Patients

Documents & Other Resources