This is the time of year when life tends to get really busy! Yesterday was Halloween and then everyone is now going to be preparing for the holidays! Cold weather has finally arrived! It seemed like cool fall weather was short as summer stayed longer into September! Almost daily we are posting on Agroshare, either in the forum, on several pages or doing blog posts! We are adding recipes, working on the research page, doing featured farms and trying to build our page to have lots of great information. Please check us out! Hannah and I have just finished planting all the greens we can possibly plant, almost finished refurbishing two chicken tractors and we are about to plant hundreds of flower bulbs to attract lots of beneficial birds and insects to our farm next year! Hopefully we will add lots of color which has been needed for a long while! We have also cleaned hard for a farm tour on Sunday as well as another one in two weeks! Next week we help Tim get firewood loaded into the wood shed. Our food hub is up and going strong again with lots of greens and eggs! I am going to post two recipes this week on how to make simple quiche and a coconut pie that I saw on Facebook. I will let you know how they come out. I have made several quiches with all the eggs we get which are very easy. I often add extra veggies from the summer garden and put them in the freezer to eat in the winter. I have made them with squash and zucchini when they come so fast and hard in the early summer. It is the time we also have lots of eggs! I add cheese and sausage to them and they are so good!!  We have made little personal quiches that can be warmed up in a small pan for breakfast. I will add pictures this weekend with the recipes.
Agroshare.comThis week I have begun recording several pieces of data on myself such as weight, how many carbs I am eating daily, exercise, etc. I am preparing for our January classes so I can demonstrate how easy and/or hard it is to follow some of the healthy lifestyle recommendations that are out there! Classes are now set for January 6th, 6PM at the Collinsville Library, upstairs. We are still hoping to be able to use video and post them on line for participants to watch on line if they miss a class. Because I will be giving medical advice in the classes that is not just general medical knowledge I will have to make the videos private and not public. Unfortunately this is due to liability. I am only allowed to teach this information to patients I have a relationship with and who come to our clinic or pay for the classes. We will put up fliers and post at Collinsville Nursing Home so you can sign up!!
Another one of our projects we will be working on hard this winter is getting our Food Finder up and running really well. It will be searchable on the phone! We are currently working on getting lists of farms, farmers markets and restaurants that sell and serve healthy fats and locally grown, naturally or organically raised foods and who use little to no chemicals. We may add a few more businesses that help process our meats and take care of our animals in a more naturally healthy way. If anyone wants to add to our list please contact us using our contact information on this page.
I have added a farm tour of sorts to the featured farm page of Echo Ridge Farm. That is the name of my farm and we will be doing farm tours and teaching sessions on several topics in the future. If you want to take a sneak peak at how things look around here please visit our page, featured farms. If you have a farm you want us to feature please just let us know.
I would not be able to do all the things I love to do if it were not for my great staff! I want to thank Claudia Moreno, Summer Gilreath, Virginia Rutledge, Pam Shirley, Sindy Mendoza, Angelina Lopez, Teresa Wright, Candy Speakman, Hannah Yeadon and Jennifer Wilkins. I also want to thank everyone in Collinsville who has supported our clinic as well as all the surrounding communities. We make mistakes but we work hard to fix them and help people not be so afraid when a serious health issue comes up. We want to take care of the little stuff too. We all like to feel good and not be sick.
Lastly, I will be out some during the holidays as this is the time I usually spend with my children and grand children who live farther away from me! But our clinic will be open as usual on all days except Thanksgiving weekend, two days for Christmas and New Years Day. I am always available so anyone can almost always get in touch with me.