Whose fault is it?

Tonight we talk about the true cause of the obesity epidemic!!  It is not about being slothful or not having will power!! It is not about eating low calorie, low fat or exercising more!!  No time in our history have so many people been obese!  It is not your fault!  We delve into the newest research and why weight gain causes more weight gain. We talk about how to fix the problem!!  I do a review on Dr. Jason Fung’s book called “The Obesity Code.”

We will have some quiche to try and a door prize to give out!!

We try to make every class very informative!!  You can join any time!  Pass the word and come join us.


Cost: $12.50/class if you are not a patient at our clinic. $5 a class if you are a Wills Valley patient. If you are a DPC patient the class is FREE!!


Link to the book: https://amzn.to/2VBSEXX


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