I work with some great girls at the clinic!! One of our employees, Summer Gilreath, has submitted an article she thought would be relevant to the season! We do not post religious views here as we want to be very inclusive but there is a particular religious view in this article so as a disclaimer, we want to focus on the feelings many of us have when we lose loved ones throughout the year. So below is the abbreviated article and a link to the full article.

Summer Gilreath said: We recently lost a friend and death always gets me thinking.  Everyone of us have to deal with the loss of someone we care about and have struggled with grief. I found this article with 5 suggestions when dealing with others grief that were good and wish I had realized a few times. .  I  agree that when you don’t mention the deceased person it does feel like you are trying to erase them in a sense.  We don’t always have to agree with everything as I don’t with this entire article but this is good for someone who might know someone struggling with grief.