We are what we eat! The title of my talk at Camp McDowell this weekend!

I was so honored to be invited to the Sierra Club retreat this weekend!  I was asked to Camp McDowell to participate on a panel of three and talk about making good food choices (my part), using our seeds wisely by a seed saving group in the area (Dove Stackhouse) and the bottom line of sustainable agriculture (Karen Wynne).  I was then asked to facilitate another group for ASAN on Friday that focused on we are what we eat.  I was very excited to be able to teach several people new information that I have recently learned about eating more healthy fats as well as explaining what we are learning about insulin resistance.  It is so exciting to be able to speak to groups of people who are so interested in how to keep their bodies healthy.  It would seem that I would get tired of talking about medicine, health, diet and diabetes to people but I never get tired of it.  I talk to my patients daily and still never get tired of it.  There are still so many aspects of diabetes and our bodies that we don’t know about!  I guess I am pretty geeky when my reading material for relaxation is the biochemistry of insulin resistance!

The most exciting part of the weekend was learning about the resources out there for the school kids in Collinsville such as the Camp McDowell farm and the planning and collaboration I will be doing with Camp McDowell and Dove Stackhouse to bring this knowledge and really health food to Collinsville!!  Dove and I will be working throughout the winter to set up a food hub of sorts or food pick up location for anyone who wants to purchase organic vegetables at my clinic!!  That is so exciting!  Which also means that I may soon be able to participate in growing enough organic food on my farm to contribute to this project!!

I will also be working toward having group visits again including diabetes but I also want to expand into metabolic syndrome which is a state just before someone becomes a diabetic.  This would include people who were overweight with high blood pressure and high triglycerides.  Our goal will be to prevent people from moving closer to diabetes and teach ways to eat that actually taste really good and are doable and sustainable!!  We hope to have some of these visits in my new tiny house on my farm!!  Lots to look forward too!  I am happy to take any comments on these ideas!  Pictures and a link to Sierra Club are included on this blog post.


This is called the McDowell Collage!  And was taken from the Alabama Sierra Club’s web page.


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