My very first persimmons are almost ripe!!


My very first persimmons to ever grow here in my yard on Echo Ridge Farm.  They were on the same branch.  It will frost tonight so we picked them.  They are still hard so I will have to gas with bananas or rice, I have read, to soften them.  Don’t know what uncooked rice does.  Anyone else do something different?  I had two trees but the first one died the first year.  This is my second season to have the other tree so maybe next year we get lots more fruit.  My trees have to make it through this drought though!!  I hope I do not lose any trees but I won’t know until next spring most likely.


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A country doctor who tries to help people become healthier and get off as many medicines as possible. I am also attempting to live a sustainable lifestyle by being off the grid and working toward minimalism. The minimalism part is hard!

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