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I知 new here!
« on: May 23, 2020, 12:18:03 AM »
 My name is Sherry Parker and I live in the middle of town in Collinsville, AL.
I recently decided to start a community garden in my back yard(which adjoins our city park...) where local kids (or anyone) can stop by and help in order to learn how to grow their own food. (Which is a dying art around here.) once the vegetables are ready to harvest the kids will be taught how to properly harvest them and then they will be able to take fresh vegetables and herbs home to their families. Thus far, they致e shown a lot of interest, and put little garden is going well. This is a start up project, so we are sort of comparable to a B Roll low budget film, but as we raise a little more support we will be able to expand and really impact this community. Currently we are working on acquiring things that we need (as we are a one family funded project) such as a small tiller, we are working on acquiring materials for a bean trellis, some fencing to keep out my new pesky rabbit friend, buckets/baskets for the children to use to harvest, some sort of biodegradable paper bags, or reusable shopping bags for them to transport produce home in, and some more gardening tools. This weekend we will be working on raised beds for herbs.