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Welcome Section / I’m new here!
« Last post by SParker85 on May 23, 2020, 12:18:03 AM »
 My name is Sherry Parker and I live in the middle of town in Collinsville, AL.
I recently decided to start a community garden in my back yard(which adjoins our city park...) where local kids (or anyone) can stop by and help in order to learn how to grow their own food. (Which is a dying art around here.) once the vegetables are ready to harvest the kids will be taught how to properly harvest them and then they will be able to take fresh vegetables and herbs home to their families. Thus far, they’ve shown a lot of interest, and put little garden is going well. This is a start up project, so we are sort of comparable to a B Roll low budget film, but as we raise a little more support we will be able to expand and really impact this community. Currently we are working on acquiring things that we need (as we are a one family funded project) such as a small tiller, we are working on acquiring materials for a bean trellis, some fencing to keep out my new pesky rabbit friend, buckets/baskets for the children to use to harvest, some sort of biodegradable paper bags, or reusable shopping bags for them to transport produce home in, and some more gardening tools. This weekend we will be working on raised beds for herbs.
Welcome Section / Re: Why a forum? Why this forum??
« Last post by Frannie Koe on April 23, 2020, 07:27:09 AM »
I am noticing people may be reluctant to tell much about themselves!! We make ourselves a little more vulnerable when we talk about what is important to us and talk about who we are!!  Hopefully as we build this community we can feel more comfortable and make this a safe place to give more information on who we are and what we do!!
Welcome Section / Newbie
« Last post by Severiana on April 20, 2020, 06:14:19 PM »
Hello! My name is Severiana and I am very excited to be part of the Agroshare community.
We have a 9mo old half Mountain Cur and half Catahoula and she is breaking off my apple trees and pulling them up to play with like sticks! I only planted them last December!!  I am so angry with her. I am not sure how to keep her from doing this. She has broken and/or pulled all three up that I planted! They were heirloom trees! She also broke off the lowest branches of one of my three year old pecan trees and it may die. She stripped some of the bark off when she did this. We may try an electric fence to the area but dang!!  I know puppies can do all kinds of destruction! Tim asked me if I wanted to get rid of her but that seems cruel. He loves her and I can't go that! Let me know what you have done for a solution to a problem like this.
I want to know if anyone eats the kidneys, liver, spleen, other entrails or brains of their animals and how they prepare them. I have been reading how valuable these parts are of the animals we eat. I know that my grandparents used to eat these foods but my mother only fed us some liver on occasion. I was not crazy about it but like most kids of my generation we had to eat what was put in front of us or go to bed without eating!! I have not cooked any of these types of foods for my kids ever. I did not cook them for myself either as an adult. I only used chicken or turkey liver in giblet gravy and that was it. It was in small enough pieces that I did not mind eating it. My dad would fix cow tongue on very rare occasions when I was growing up!!  Please advise me as to what you do!!  Or don't do.
General Discussion / Re: Anyone selling veggie plants?
« Last post by Frannie Koe on April 07, 2020, 08:26:30 PM »
Please let us know how to contact you ATU Homestead/farm!!  I am definitely interested in plants also!!
General Discussion / Re: Anyone selling veggie plants?
« Last post by Frannie Koe on April 07, 2020, 08:24:26 PM »
Sorry Robin! I deleted you as I did not recognize you! Please send another FB friend again!! 
Farming Best Practices / Re: raised garden bed vs. in ground
« Last post by Frannie Koe on April 07, 2020, 08:22:02 PM »
They are probably cheaper to make them yourself. You can use cedar as it will last a long time. You can also use locust from you property if you have some. It  may be hard to find. We have used pine but it can disintegrate pretty quickly. I try not to use treated lumber. I have used very old railroad ties but even when old they may have creosote in them.
I will often tell people to use local honey and it may help but I have not necessarily had anyone tell me it worked. Not sure about herbs but I do know that having the immune system being really strong can help with allergies. I have seen those who ate more vegetables reduce symptoms but this is anecdotal and not scientific.
Eating Healthy and Finding Healthy Food / Re: Easy Healthy Toddler Snacks
« Last post by Frannie Koe on April 07, 2020, 08:13:05 PM »
I have taken cheese. Other items that are more healthy are olives and pickles but this may be an acquired taste for kids. Especially at 2. You also may want to try pecans.
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