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What's Hot in Organic Agricultrure / Re: Getting away from the term organic
« Last post by Dove on February 10, 2020, 09:23:45 AM »
A note on organic feed, yes it is expensive and Truckers Feed in Gunterville sells non-GMO but still conventionally raise crops by not adding soy beans however a farmer friend of mine used it to feed his meat birds(pastured) and without the soybeans they didn't gain the weight, he  deduced that without the soybeans they weren't getting enough protein especially in the winter.
Eating Healthy and Finding Healthy Food / Keto Classes!!
« Last post by Frannie Koe on December 12, 2019, 06:24:37 AM »
We begin our classes again on January 6th at 6pm!  We will have classes this year at the library on the main street in Collinsville! Our classes tend to be big and instead of having several small classes I will do one larger class. We will have snacks every class so I must know all who want to come. Please sign up at our clinic by calling Wills Valley Family Medicine or Valley Care DPC. 256-524-3090. You will pay the first night of class. If you pay for all four months at once you get one month free!!  If you sign up for our classes you can participate in our DPC clinic for the time of the classes. I will be happy to see you individually in my clinic there to help with specific problems.
Some of the worst struggles to eating well is often time and money. We are working hard to add ways to reduce the burden of eating well.  We also want to use ideas from others as to how they eat well on a budget. Time is a big factor when trying to grow your own food. I get this! I want to teach people how to start so small and simply. We want to show people how to reduce the time and the cost of eating well. Let me know what your suggestions would be!! 
What's Hard in Organic Agriculture / Electric fences
« Last post by Frannie Koe on November 12, 2019, 08:04:58 AM »
I am stuck right now trying to figure out how to do intensive grazing with my goats! I have an electric fence but have not started using it yet. I am not sure where to begin. I have been told to go look on youtube so that may be what I do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Will goats escape easily from an electric fence? Has anyone had any experience with this? I am not sure I can handle the fence on my own without help. I have a helper 2-3 days a week. But that may not be enough. Does anyone do this as a one man/woman operation??  Thanks so much in advance!!
Registration Help & and How To Use the Forum / Re: Help getting started
« Last post by Frannie Koe on November 01, 2019, 06:53:12 AM »
Don, How do I add headings to the Sustainable Farming topic? It says what's hot in sustainable agriculture. I want to add two more headings: What's hard in Sustainable agriculture and what is easy in sustainable agriculture.  I have looked under admin and can't remember how to add headings.  Thanks.
Direct Primary Care for Physicians / How does one afford DPC?
« Last post by Frannie Koe on October 31, 2019, 07:59:22 AM »
All I can say is that it is going to depend on where one lives as to how easy it is to afford the rental property in their area. I am so fortunate to have a building that is very low rent. I already rent the space for my Wills Valley Family Medicine Clinic. So to start up my DPC clinic I just took a quarter share of the building and made it my new clinic. I do pay rent to WVFM. Our town built the building with a grant so our rent is based on that grant. We started at $800 for 1600 sq ft with guaranteed rent to remain at that price for five years. After five years when the rent went up it only went up $40. I got two sections of the building (3200 sq ft) really quickly for that price as my rent previously 8 years ago through the hospital system was close to $3000/mth and going up $200/mth every year!! That was a no brainer for me! It allowed me to try DPC without any rent to start and then I began to pay $500 a month for rent and utilities. That is pretty much my share of the building. I pay it to the WVFM clinic. I do live in a very small rural town of 900. So they are able to get grants and have low rents. In an urban center you would have to look hard for these types of opportunity. But don't forget if you have a clinic now and you want to convert, going my route by renting out a room in the clinic may be a possibility. We often get creative when we need to!  Please let me know what others are doing for their rental spaces or if you have bought! 
Alternative Power Generation / Using solar around the farm
« Last post by Frannie Koe on October 28, 2019, 07:33:17 AM »
I am trying to learn how to set up my own solar systems around my farm for electric fences, lighting a shed, outdoor lighting, etc. My sweetie has always done the solar on our farm and I really don't know how to set up my own system. I am working on setting up electric fences for my goats so this winter I will have to study to do this myself. We have often talked about me learning how our bigger systems work in case something tragic happens to Tim. I do have folks to fall back on now who do solar but it would be very important for me to know. I will go around with a notebook and have him show me battery maintenance. I had all the physics of electricity in college and I loved physics but I have never really applied what I learned then to our own system. Tim has never had physics but he had electricity in trade school and he understands way more than I do! Let me know if anyone else has struggled with their systems, especially females who have husbands who do most of this on your farm!
Marketing your Business / I am not an expert on marketing my farm
« Last post by Frannie Koe on October 28, 2019, 07:28:23 AM »
I work a regular job so I have not tried hard to market my farm. I do know that I am working toward my farm at least breaking even. Right now it is a hobby. I want to show people here as a teaching farm how to do it really cheaply and come out ahead. I want to show folks how to grow their own food and sell the left overs through a food hub. Then they can save money at the grocery store and make money to cover their gardening costs. I have done this before in the past. Please let me know what you are doing that is successful. Joel Salatin has some really good books and there may be others who have shown how successful farming can be using sustainable practices. I have seen several farmers work very hard for little profit. So please comment!! 
Alternative Structures & Buildings / Finding housing!
« Last post by Frannie Koe on October 28, 2019, 07:15:29 AM »
Finding affordable housing can be a great challenge! We have been looking for quick temporary housing at a very low cost for a young couple who have very little money. We have looked at tiny houses, campers, mobile homes and even build it yourself sheds. The challenge has been to find a piece of property to put the small unit on that has a septic system, water and power that does not cost $300 - 400 a month!  The campers we have looked at leak more than not! All the forms of housing need lots of work that requires time and money. Nothing is very fast. Getting them in an apartment is not easy either. They both have intellectual challenges but are able to live on their own. Getting and keeping jobs for them is difficult. Any suggestions??
We are looking for any restaurant that will change the fats of a dish while cooking, already have a keto dish or two on the menu or at least low carb with healthy fats! We will add them to our food finder. Please send them our way and let them know your are interested in eating a healthy fat meal with less carbs. The more we demand the more they will serve us! Money talks more than people realize!
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