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    We would like anyone with ideas or questions to come to the forums page to start threads of discussion on topics of interest.  We hope these topics will be seen more publicly and get some great discussions going.  Hopefully no one will be rude!  Thanks for visiting!

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    Just discovered this site and look forward to discussing farming, gardening, and nutritional issues with others. My name is Clif. I am a registered nurse A/K/A ‘The Nurse Farmer’. I advocate and teach farming, gardening, and nutrition as a means of health promotion and disease prevention. However, just because I am a nurse and a back-yard farmer does not mean I am an expert or ‘know it all’. In fact, as a nurse, I am quick to admit that I learn a lot ‘from my patients’!  I hope to learn and glean information from others on this site as well. Thanks everyone!

    Frannie Koe
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    Thanks so much for your participation!  I am like you and can talk about farming/gardening/permaculture all day!  I am an incredibly busy family doc but we hope to get more participation as we go along so please stay tuned!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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