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    Our form of medicine currently is unsustainable.  I try new things almost weekly or at least monthly and yearly to attempt to make it better but I get very frustrated as I still work 60 – 80 hours a week many weeks of the year and our patients cannot always get the care they need.  The government and insurance companies put more and more burden on us as health care providers every year.  If enough people would be interested, I may start another blog on our page called Dr. Koe’s Blog and it would be about the issues around this topic of unsustainable medicine and my ideas on how to move toward fixing some of the problems.  I currently want to work toward an on line solution for some people who could benefit from talking to an MD without going in for an office visit.  That would help some people some of the time.  It may be an alternative for healthier people who don’t have a lot of time.  It may also be an alternative for anyone with transportation issues.  There is another method using face time that can be helpful for visual contact.  Any comments would be appreciated as to a new blog and to on line contact with an MD.

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