I wanted to build a better fire ring than the one you see below! I thought it would be a big project but it actually only took me about 3 hours! Maybe even less. It was probably only two hours. I did not time it.
All my company loves to come over and gather around the fire. We have a great place for this as it is pretty level. I did not have to add any dirt. I just moved it around a little. Getting the first layer of stones level was the key. It went fairly quickly. It is really a one woman job to do this fire ring. I had a helper just in case but she was not needed. I was going to put three tiers high but then decided against it as it really is not needed. I can’t way to use it!  Each brick cost about $2.30 at Lowes. So that was $75 before tax. You can pick a cheaper brick to make a less expensive ring. Now I want to take the old bricks you see in the first picture and make feet for some benches that we may build to put around the fire!