I always forget to take many pictures! So I have only a few pictures of our event. But I have pictures of the location from the web! I went down to Camp Beckwith in Fairhope, Alabama last Thursday to attend the Food and Farm Forum which everyone knows is right up my alley!!  It was so helpful and often these conferences teach me so much. Alice Evans is getting better and better at putting these events on as I am blown away more and more each year as I attend. There is so much diversity there which helps me really learn about new and different ways of looking at problems in all the endeavors going on here in Collinsville and around the state.
Someone asked what goes on at these meetings? This year for the first time there were a couple of field trips for those who could attend. I went on one that allowed us to tour a new Christian Farmers Market in one of the highest crime rated communities in Alabama, Prichard. They have been able to get kids and others involved in buying healthier foods at their market as well as growing food right on location!!
Another part of the tour included a tour of Africatown which is a community located in the Mobile area which has an incredible story behind it! https://www.npr.org/2019/06/19/733996699/alabamas-africatown-hopes-for-revival-after-slave-ship-discovery

The Clotilda, pictured here, has been found! It was so interesting to learn some cool history of this area of Alabama. So how was this relevant to our forum? We were shown how the community was started and how important buying land and producing food for oneself can be so empowering. That is what these people did after they were freed in 1865. Farmers know the importance of having property so that one may provide for themselves and their families!
After the tours on Thursday the bulk of the conference beginning on Friday was several breakout sessions/classes that taught us information about topics such as mushroom culture, food forests, farming tools, overcoming obstacles in establishing community gardens, fruit trees that are suited to Alabama climate, hot and humid!! and lots more.
Fellowship was excellent. We meet new folks working hard in all areas of Alabama toward food sustainability. We connect with old faces we have met at previous meetings. We eat great food! ASAN works hard to promote the Youth Food and Farm Forum which is so incredibly important in getting the next generations involved in understanding food sustainability. So the kids broke out and had their own topics and meetings.
The meeting ended with a Down Country Boil that included Monroe? Sausage from the Monroeville area and lots of gulf shrimp!
Alice and I will be working with others to fill our food finder map up with farms, farmers markets, restaurants, etc so that we can all find sustainable locally grown food no matter where we are in Alabama!!
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More pics of Camp Beckwith!