In the world of startups, what does it mean ‘to iterate’?

The answer below was given by Co-founder, Tripcipe, Harry Jiang. (Stanford U.)
“Iteration is a a general term applied to the product development cycle, and is not specific to startups, although startups tend to have much more rapid iteration periods. The general process through which a startup goes from initial version of the product to fully featured and polished is as follows: (note that in practice, a company may never actually reach a “fully featured and polished” product).”
As I have applied it to our clinic or anything one does in life when something is not working is to look at the situation and change directions as needed to make life better! So it requires we look at our life every so often, every few weeks maybe, cyclically in iterations and make the changes necessary to improve what is not working. In our clinic we try to meet monthly and go over any issues that are not going well. The iteration is the repeated process of looking at ones self or one’s business and improving on issues that may not be working.
In our clinic we have been using a business model from the book “Scrum.” This is basically where I learned to iterate. I also learned the term when listening to people who run startups. I like the word because it helps us not look at individuals as causing problems but at systems that are not working well which actually cause the problem. While I was thinking about this word today I heard a podcast shortly after that explained exactly what iteration can do for us!!  The link is below! I often listen to podcasts when I am doing housework, chores or soaking in epsom salts in the tub. This podcast listed below I found so interesting!
Cautionary Tales is a new podcast and I hope it is successful.
You may be wondering what this has to do with food, farming and medicine. Well, anytime one is trying to figure out what works for them to live a healthier, more productive life and be successful in their farming/gardening practices we have to constantly work on systems. We have to go through many iterations to get it right!  But this is encouraging to see people do this as they are always striving to improve and finally, hopefully get it better and better! “It” can mean many things. I love to see people work at improvement over time until they figure out how to be the best they can!!
I hope to help people learn how to be successful at getting healthier, learning to provide healthy food for themselves and preventing very debilitating diseases.
I also hope to help other solo practitioners see that being in a solo practice can be so rewarding and I would love to help them learn about “Scrum”, iteration and remaining hopeful in an ever changing medical environment!
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