My oldest daughter, Holly, who has served as an executive sous chef, and now works for US Foods will be collaborating with me on agroshare.  Her career path is described below.  She will be contributing to Agroshare by spreading the word and teaching chefs to use healthy fat in their cooking.  This is not an easy task.  Much of the oil used in restaurants, including fine dining, is processed seed oil.  This is a major factor in the spread of heart disease.  We will be producing a brochure to teach chefs and restaurants how to use healthier fats for at least a few of their dishes to improve the nutrition of the pickiest diners that come their way.

Holly Clark’s culinary career began early on, inspired by her childhood of organic foods from her mother, along with her love and respect for quality nutrition. After graduating from culinary school at age 23, Holly sought opportunities to further develop her own creativity. Holly’s culinary repertoire flourished during an internship in Birmingham Alabama, under Chef Robert Kamm of Ross Bridge at Brock’s Fine Dining Restaurant, followed by Kathy G. Mezrano at the Botanical Garden’s Kathy G’s as a Chef de Partie, where she developed and refined her culinary techniques.  Holly then went on to Atlanta’s famed 5-star hotel, Westin Peach Tree. It was there where she continued to hone her skills in all outlets of the hotel, landing her at its fine dining restaurant, The Sundial. There she learned to please the palettes of the restaurant’s most exclusive clientele.  After spending 3 years with the Westin, Holly went on to take the role of Chef de Cuisine at the Admiral Hotel in Mobile Alabama, working under Chef Sam Spincer.  At The Admiral, Holly was exposed to the creative expressions of Chef Sam Spincer’s use of Creole and progressive American cooking techniques.  When The Admiral was sold , Clark took a job as a food consultant with a top Fortune 500 company, US Foods, where she has been successful for the past 5 years.
This page will introduce you to some cooking techniques that may make eating a much more pleasurable experience.  Holly has cooked for me at one of my events which included guests from Brazil!  Her food is amazingly good!  She owned her own restaurant in Lynn, Alabama called Lynn Bistro and had patrons that traveled as far as 2 hours to eat her food. We hope to introduce some fun techniques that help make your food taste as good as some culinary delights you might get in a fine dining restaurant.  As always, please let leave us comments on the community/forum page.  We will leave a link below!

What is a sous chef, what does a chef de partie do and how are the chefs ranked in a professional kitchen?

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