Home from Brazil!!

I had such a great trip to Brazil!!  I got to travel to Salvador, a city in Bahia, the oldest city in the country.  It had a lot of interesting history and culture as well as some beautiful beaches!!  My feet got swollen and sunburned but other than that no issues!!  Carlos and I met at length about the future of Agroshare!!  We are excited with the possibilities.  Our food hub shows that it may be a way to get food to our local community and we may look for grants and other means to help get more food to those who need to eat a healthier diet and reduce diabetes, hypertension and heart disease!!  We want most of all to make the food hub run very smoothly for those producing and providing food as well as those buying food.  We have had a couple of snags with the web site at Whirlwind Farm but we are working on a way to make this process very easy for all.  If we can develop a phone app we will work to do this as well.  We hope to have news weekly of how we are progressing with many new farmers.  It appears there is interest in supporting food from farmers to consumers in our town as mentioned in the last city council meeting!!  We are very excited and would love to work with our city in this way!!  Thanks for all those who are supporting us so far!


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A country doctor who tries to help people become healthier and get off as many medicines as possible. I am also attempting to live a sustainable lifestyle by being off the grid and working toward minimalism. The minimalism part is hard!

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