Lots of exciting activities!!!!

Since I have gotten back from Brazil several activities will be going on!  Tim, my other half, has decided to start farming!  That is life changing to us here on our farm!  To have one’s partner participating and supporting future goals is so exciting!  I hope that we will be able to add food choices to our new food hub this year!  We are scanning and searching our seed catalog and will be ordering seeds tomorrow!

In less than two weeks I will be going with one of my friends to Georgia Organics!  I love farm conferences!  Soon we will have goats and a new Pyrenees puppy so classes will be in order so we can take very good care of these new additions!  I have ordered two dog training books that comes tomorrow!  The author has won 38 competitions out of fifty in her area of expertise!!  Her name is Susan Garrett.  Tim and I both need help training a dog properly.


Shaping Success                                                                       Ruff Love


Our food hub is still going along well.  We have had a couple of bumps with using the web site and with Dove not arriving on time but we hope to smooth out the kinks.  The web site is working well.  We have to always try to remind people to complete their order and make sure they have received an email with their invoice.  No email means the order did not go through.  We are going to be working to add additional local farmers!!!  Let us know if you are interested in providing food so we can help you get set up.

Our first fermenting class should be in April at our new small/tiny house on the farm!  We will also be hosting the newest class of rural medical scholars for a farm and clinic tour on February 22nd!

I should have lots of pictures and much to report on over the next few months!!


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A country doctor who tries to help people become healthier and get off as many medicines as possible. I am also attempting to live a sustainable lifestyle by being off the grid and working toward minimalism. The minimalism part is hard!

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