Rutabaga!! My first!

I used to feed my kids rutabagas when they were little for variety.  My produce market in Sumiton, Alabama always had them.   So this year I grew my first.  I grew them in my hugelkultur beds and the guineas left me one!!  It grew easily and was really good-sized.  I should have taken a picture but did not.  You can also eat the tops which I did not know. I think they are like a collard.  The tops of mine did not get cooked this time but the bottom root keeps for a very long time, especially if you put wax on them.  Waxed roots are how I bought them.  So I peeled it and cooked it as a mashed rutabaga with yogurt and it was soooo good!!  I was so surprised.  I will put the recipe below from Simply Recipes.


We may eventually make a recipe page for our website but have other pressing things to put on now.  So here is the link to the recipe below.



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