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This weekend trip was taken by a travel buddy and me, Dove Stackhouse who is the owner with her husband of Whirlwind Farms in Geraldine!  I am so excited because we are now going to collaborate together to help get healthy, organic, affordable vegetables to Collinsville! She has a very small but very productive farm not far off Hwy 75.  We have decided to work together to help our local communities learn about sustainable food and sustainable living and hope to provide plenty of food as well as education for our kids and adults also.  I have always dreamed of having an educational farm and am getting closer as we are working to complete the addition to the tiny house I purchased recently.  Tim is almost finished with the walls inside and only has to put in the wood heater (gas space heaters have already been installed this past weekend) and then finish the floor and trim!!  Our first class will be our delayed fermenting class.   The date will be announced at a later time.  It will likely need to be after January.  We have a very busy fall!!

Whirlwind Farm


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