The goal of our page is to spread ideas!!

Like the TED Talks! We want to spread ideas worth listening to!

We want to spread ideas that support sustainable gardening, farming and living a healthy life. We want to show alternatives to medical care. We want to build a community based on these topics. We want to increase health in the state of Alabama as well as other states through eating and growing healthier foods. We want to bring people closer together to share ideas of what works locally and regionally to help accomplish these goals. We want our web site to be a place that works as a one stop site for education, discussion and resource to promote healthy living. We want to link people up with those who are having success!

We understand that being healthy, eating well and healing the earth and our bodies can be overwhelming ideas that have many confusing and contradictory messages. Our mission is to have a forum that addresses and reduces the overwhelm. Our goal is to continually learn and stay up to date on research and new workable solutions by providing a forum that includes the most productive, successful and sustainable ideas out there. This includes farming/gardening, eating and medical care. We want to promote practical ideas that are easy to implement.

Food, Farming and Medicine are very broad topics!  But here we go!!