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Click the link below to add your Organic Farm, Market or Restaurant CSAs or Local Food Hubs to the map.
Due to the corona virus we want to make this page free to all!  We want our farmers to be able to get their information on this page. Anyone can use a phone to find your location. We will have to get the work out to use this website on the phone. Lifetime listing is only $15,but this is waived currently, and your organization will be added to the AgroShare Database, Food Finder Map, and you can share details and location of your products and services with the world in one easy step.

The Hard Part is signing up for the Community Page First

After checkout, you will receive instructions on how to input your information to get on the map.  If you need help or have any issues with your listing, simply reply to the email to resolve your problems or questions.
The first step is  join our community  – It is FREE, and we can help you with everything once you are logged in as a member.  You can connect with others in your “field”.
Join the FORUM (FREE) – the best way to connect and interact with our community.  Joining the community allows you to share information with others that are doing the same thing you are, and learn from them and sharing resources, techniques and ideas.

The fill out the form that is in the Members Only Section

If you have trouble with ANY of these steps, someone is ready to help you, simply click the Contact Us button on the main site