I love Psyblog!


If you want to read some cool stuff about your mind go to this page and join. The articles are short and sweet which I need!  But they are so interesting and based on research! 

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Tonight’s class on Obesity!


OBESITY Whose fault is it? Tonight we talk about the true cause of the obesity epidemic!!  It is not about being slothful or not having will power!! It is not about eating low calorie, low

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Now back on line!!


Agroshare.com is now back on line!  It has been six weeks!!  We have had to change hosts two times to get our page rolling again correctly!!  The students in my class have been very patient

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Dumping RA!!


I am very excited to let everyone know I am learning how to help reverse symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. I have wanted to learn this aspect of functional medicine for a

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Golden Milk – a great anti-inflammatory drink


Golden milk sounds kinda strange!!  But it is a great anti-inflammatory drink that many actually like to drink. If your mom used a lot of spices growing up it will be easier to drink this

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