Benefits of buying local!!


I love getting Mother Earth News and used to get it in the mail but now by e-mail!!  It has always had some great articles for people who wanted to homestead and be do-it-yourselfers. This

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Life has changed quickly!


We can think the worst or the best. So we are temporarily in a new situation which none us has ever been in before!  Life can be very unpredictable. We can think the worst, think

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Spring fever bad!!


Man do I have spring fever today!!  Finally no rain and a beautiful, sunny, warm day!! I am blogging about several topics in one post today because I have ADHD today!!   We have a

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Seed Saving in Alabama


This is an article from Alabama Living. Link is at the bottom. Dove runs our food hub!!  Charlotte is also from Albertville area and someone I have known for a while. Seed savers: Stoking a

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Now back on line!!

2020-02-09T15:28:10+00:00 is now back on line!  It has been six weeks!!  We have had to change hosts two times to get our page rolling again correctly!!  The students in my class have been very patient

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