This is our collaboration page with other providers and entities that we may find very useful for our Agroshare community.  We also are happy to post comments and benefits anyone finds from checking out any of our collaborators.  Please join or post on our community page as well to give and get feedback.


A collaboration that we really look forward to is working with ASAN!
I have been involved with this group for several years and it is really beginning to grow!
If you have not already learned about ASAN, please read here and join!
Here is the link to their page.

Alice Evans is the current director.  She has worked very hard to grow the group and bring lots of diversity.  We will be posting many events from ASAN on our page and hope all who are interested can participate.  We will be working with ASAN to build the food finder map here on our agroshare page.  Please give us a plug when you talk to Alice!  Let her know what you think about our page and hers also!


Dr. Sarita Cox,  Alberta Orchard


Our very first practitioner added to this page is a long time friend from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  She and I met years ago when I was living there as a medical student of UASOM and resident in the Tuscaloosa Family Medicine Residency Program.  Since then she has been a valuable resource for me to learn about natural forms of medicine and treatment.  She has sent patients to me from Tuscaloosa who actually will take the two-hour trip to our clinic for which I am truly grateful!  I am her MD and she is my ND!!  Please visit her website, sign up for her newsletter and enjoy her weekly blogs on Facebook!

 As a health care practitioner, Dr. Cox practices naturopathic and Chinese Medicine individually tailored to support the health and well-being of patients with a spectrum of conditions, including chronic and mystery diseases. Utilizing vitalistic and nature cure principles; she provides diet, nutrition, lifestyle consultations with emphasis on how to achieve optimum wellness via seasonal wellness and holistic/integrative health. Her most requested services are acupuncture, individualized Chinese herbs and naturopathic consultations.  Her Tuscaloosa office, Alberta Orchard Wellness, is located in a developing food forest revitalized in the swath of the 2011 F5 tornado.

She serves the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians with an acupuncture clinic at the Choctaw Health Center, a partnership hospital with Indian Health Service. She serves as a preceptor in the medical community and works to advance integrative health.  She has locally partnered with Internal Medical Associates of Tuscaloosa to offer free, and open to the public, Mindfulness classes every Tuesday.


Another very important collaboration will be for students who may be considering rural medicine.  I was so fortunate to be able to participate in the Rural Medical Scholars Program!  When I applied to medical school and showed an interest in a rural practice, the dean of admissions at the time at UASOM (University of Alabama School of Medicine), recommended that I apply to this program.  I did immediately get the application ready in May 1999.  I had three weeks to put together my application and then I got an interview.  That year there were 40 students applying to this program and I was so lucky to be one who was chosen from this group.  I was so very excited when Dr. John Wheat called me the night of the interview and said I was accepted into the program.  Five days later my first grandchild was born into my hands in my daughter’s living room. As far as I know, I was the first grandmother to go to UASOM at that time!!
The link for students is here:

To see the newsletter that comes out quarterly please click on the link here:

The Rural Medical Scholars are folks who will be learning about rural medicine in Tuscaloosa with the hopes they will serve rural Alabama in the future as MDs. I am always excited when they come for a visit. They will tour my farm and clinic next Friday and learn about our little town of Collinsville and what small towns like ours have to offer a medical doctor!!  I enjoy it when they come so much. I am so excited to show Collinsville to them. We usually go eat at a restaurant in town. They are a great group. I will add a link to the newsletter from College of Community Health Sciences of which I was apart before coming to Collinsville. When I was looking for a place to practice I was looking for a piece of land and an empty clinic at the same time! So I found the farm where I am currently living and the empty clinic by the interstate!  I was so excited! My farm is beautiful! It is 76 acres, which is more than I intended to buy, but I could not pass it up and I have not regretted it for even a minute! So now I get to showcase Collinsville with all its activities and diverse population for a town its size to others in Alabama!
The program’s success was documented in the Journal of Rural Health with a link here to the abstract:
The Rural Medical Scholars Program, which is part of UA’s College of Community Health Sciences, is a five-year medical education program that includes a year of study after students receive their undergraduate degree. It leads to early admission to The University of Alabama School of Medicine.Oct 15, 2018
The Rural Medical Scholars Program was founded in 1996 to address the shortage of primary care physicians in Alabama’s rural communities. The program works to recruit and assist rural Alabama college students who want to become physicians and practice in the state’s rural communities, where they are most needed.
The mission of the Rural Medical Scholars Program (RMSP) is to produce physicians for rural Alabama who are leaders in developing healthy communities. Established in 1996, the program is open to college seniors and graduate students who plan to go to medical school and practice medicine in a rural area.

Anna Benton

Anna Benton and I have been working together for several years on research in the area of diabetes education.  She has gotten her DNP, Doctorate of Nursing Practice using our diabetes group visits we did several years ago. We were holding classes through  a program called Centering Health Care. This type of health care visit was promoted at a rural health conference in Tuscaloosa.  I went to Boston for training in how to do these group visits.  We were attempting to determine if people who participated in this type of group visit would benefit long-term and reduce the number and dose of medications as well as improve their quality of life.  We will post her research here through a link and on our research page!!  Anna will be helping us with Agroshare through our forum and, hopefully, with education of health issues in the future.

Anna Benton, DNP, RN
Background: Advanced practice nursing specialty-family practice
Doctor of Nursing Practice degree completed May, 2019
Profession: Nurse and Nurse Educator for past 21 years. I am now “semi-retired” 🙂
Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, hanging out with my dogs: Sophia, Phoebe, Claire and Ellie (Miniature Schnauzers–all sisters) 🙂 cooking/baking, music (voice and instruments), reading, camping, cross stitching, horseback riding, walking and Alabama football!!
Roll Tide!