There are some great documentaries and videos out there that I often recommend!  Some are on YouTube and others may be on Netflix or other movie/documentary sources.  If you have comments please comment on the forum/community page and if you have any to add that would be beneficial please just let me know.


Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days was one of the first documentaries I watched that was recommended by a patient! It changed my life as a physician as I had no idea that diabetes was reversible! We were taught in medical school to manage it but were not taught that is was reversible. I began to study a great deal more and worked harder to get people off medicines after watching this documentary. I also attempted to eat raw for 30 days while living alone and got great benefit from doing so but the amount of work to do this was overwhelming!!  But this is an amazing video to watch just to know there are several ways to reverse diabetes.      The link is here:


Neflix has several interesting documentaries so if you have a membership you can watch these for the membership fee. You can also find these on other sites for a small fee. Amazon Prime may also have these if you have the Prime membership. I will comment on some of the documentaries at times.  You can watch trailers for each of these for free.

I teach about healthy fats in our classes. So this is a great videos to watch to reinforce what we are teaching.

Fasting is one of the only ways to reset our body weight set point. We discuss this set point in our class. This video is on Amazon Prime. You can watch videos for a small fee if you do not have a membership.


The Magic Pill is about the benefits of the ketogenic diet. It is a great watch.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 and 2 are also videos I have often recommended to patients in my clinic.I have recommended these videos in my clinic for several years. This is one approach. I am now recommending other ways to get healthy. But it is very interesting to see the benefits that people have gotten with different dietary approaches. The most important factor one must think about is the time and ease of what someone can do to change their habits. Several dietary methods can be incorporated into the habits of a person depending on work schedule and availability of organic healthy foods.