Why would I do this?? I had read for many years about folks who had fasted for 20 – 30 or more days and completely gotten rid of symptoms of several illnesses. It is something I would like to do but it is very difficult to do this and work. In the past, longer fasts I have done, 5 days and 8 days, were done at home and not working. Many people who have done longer fasts have done it while continuing daily activities such as work and school. Dr. Joel Furhman, who is often seen on PBS and has written several books on a nutrient rich diet, is a family physician who went to school with Dr. Oz. They both went to Perlman Medical School in Pennsylvania. Dr. Furhman has won awards for teaching cardiologists about nutrition. He has written books that proposed a vegetarian, low fat, low salt diet which has been hard to get the average person to do. He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis many years ago and he fasted for approx 30 days which led to healing his body from this. He was in his 20s at the time. He was able to fast and continue to go to school daily. So this 11 day fast was my first attempt at doing an extended fast and continuing to work! The next blog post in this series will discuss how this went!!  (as always do not try fasting without the help of a practitioner who knows how to help you do it correctly!!)