I have a confession!  I have been a little discouraged the last few months about Agroshare, what I teach at the clinic and how we had to stop our classes! Agroshre got hacked and it took 2-3 months to try to get that figured out. We had to change hosts more than once which caused issues with how each part of my page looked. Covid hit and I got sick for a few weeks. I have lost articles, parts of pages and the look of the pages I have worked on! This has been very frustrating as I have to go back and fix those pages again!!  I am going to do it but life gets busy. I am not a great page designer either and I want it to be sharp!!  I have a big event in November that I need to participate in so I must prepare for that which has also taken time away from my work on this page. Agroshare is free and so it is hard to pay someone to help me. I am working on ways to figure that out. I am paying my IT person, Don, who has done wonders and helped me so much. So! I will get this done like I would like soon, but it has been hard!!

The next item that has had me discouraged can’t be helped very easily! I had to stop my classes! Covid is here to stay for a bit. But in some ways it has made me stop and think about how to restructure my classes to be more effective. I have a few videos on line that people can watch but they are hard to watch as the quality is not so great. To see the videos go to agroshare.com/keto and it takes you right to them. It is a little bit more difficult to make a high quality video in a big room!!  I have also struggled with the content. I want to be right on with the science and research which I do most of the time. But that is where restructuring my classes will need to come in. So I am offering the videos to anyone who wants to watch them for free for now.

I love to blog and teach but I am not sure how to reach people with the information that I am trying to teach!! So I am looking into ways to make my blogging and teaching more effective. There seems to be so many road blocks to helping people get healthier, especially here in Alabama. I have been told for months to make videos. I have finally done a video, the first one on my own, last weekend. I am going to learn how to get it on our YouTube page soon. I am camera shy. I have to get used to seeing myself on video!! I want the information to be fun and useful!

One of my mentors, who I have put on this page, is Justin Rhodes! He started out with very simple videos and has slowly grown and is currently doing well with his page, abundantpermaculture.com. So I am going to keep moving forward and know it takes time to be good and to learn how to be more effective!!

A couple of positive events that have occurred are that I just watched a documentary on high fat, low carb eating! I am going to post it here so others may find it and watch. it is called “Fat Fiction”.  Through this video I have learned that I can take courses and become certified in our area (after November) for teaching people how to eat a healthier diet! The courses promise to teach me how to be more effective as well! I already teach this information but after the course I will have certification behind me!!

This documentary is on Amazon Prime if you have that service. click here below:


So, I will work to get out of my funk and find some ways to help people more effectively, including making videos, work harder to improve agroshare.com, and use my time wisely while we are still in the Covid mode! I am always open to suggestions! Please let me know what would help you!!