So what were the hardest parts of fasting?

For most people day 1 and 2 bring on some hunger and day 2 is usually the hardest. For some reason for me I am always hungry the whole fast no matter how long I fast. I don’t feel as hungry when I am busy but at times I feel hangry! As some people tell me they feel when they go without meals. I have fasted several times and much of the time I feel hungry. 

Some people get a euphoric feeling when they are fasting and I just feel regular. I don’t feel badly most of the time. During this 11 day fast I had a couple of days when I felt badly. Once was about day 7 when I think I was drinking too much water and not eating or taking in any salt.

I got some leg pain that began at my hips and went all the way down my legs. I could not go to sleep. It began after I got into bed. I got up after about 30 minutes of struggling and made some bone broth with salt and then I was able to go to sleep. When I woke up it was gone.

The second time I did not feel well was the day I decided to call it quits. I was not sure how long I would fast but by day 11 I was ready to eat. I had been working the whole fast and I think I was more tired from fasting and working at the same time. I am much older than others I have read about who fast for long periods. I am not sure if this was a contributing factor to me not feeling as well. But I was very proud of myself for fasting for 11 days!

There will be one or two more posts about my 11 day fast. One will talk about how to come off the fast. The last one will likely be about how I have felt since fasting!  Any benefits??