The picture below are not pictures of the beef tongue I cooked or ate!!

I have been working on trying new foods, especially meat products. In the not too distant past, many of our family members ate a lot more parts of the animals that we eat on a daily basis. My grandmother ate kidney pie. She also used to feed me something called scrapple also known as souse meat. I never knew what this was until I looked it up recently. I just know I really liked it when she fixed it for me for breakfast. Some of these cuts of meat have a lot more healthy fat in them than just plain steak or chicken breast. So I will be working to introduce different cuts and types of meat from many of the animals we eat currently. I am going to try many of them first before I talk about them.

So today I will talk about beef tongue! I was delightedly surprised after cooking one yesterday in my pressure cooker at how good it was. It was soooo tender and it really tasted good. It was very easy to cook. I just put it in the cooker, added water to cover and cooked it about 1 1/2 hours. I may not have needed to cook it this long but I was not sure. I did not even add any spices. It would be easy and likely beneficial to do so. I had two cups or so of liquid left in the bottom which had a layer of fat on top. We let it cool and took off the rough part of the tongue, it peeled off easily and cut the meat into thick slices. That was it.

When dinner came last night I seared my piece of tongue in a pan with some salt, pepper and garlic powder and ate it with some greens for an easy quick supper.

So if you can get past the looks of the tongue before you cook it I hope you will be as surprised as me when you eat it! I had had it when I was a kid a couple of times but don’t really remember what it tasted like. I just remember seeing it on the baking pan and it looked really funny to me!! I know it was not as tender as cooking it in the pressure cooker. My dad baked it in the oven if I remember correctly. He does not really remember what he did when I asked him the other day.