The year of Covid!

I don’t have to tell anyone what this year has been like! It has been different for everyone depending on if you got sick, own a business and had to close or slow way down, have family members who got sick, with some who made it and some who did not. We did have classes going at the time Covid started so we had to shut them down. We have not been able to bring them back yet. I cannot say just how life has changed or how we will come out of this. I do want everyone to know that we will continue to work to serve all our patients at the clinic and on this page. It does seem more evident that we need an education page to help people understand their health issues and what they can do about improving them. I will move forward to help bring that about. Please contact us and let us know if there are needs we can address! Our goal currently is to revise our page to better meet the needs of our community! Thanks for your support. F. Koe, MD