Thanks so much to my community in this coronavirus trouble!

I wanted to tell all of the community I have become a part of through our clinic, neighbors and friends that I appreciate all the calls, texts and messages asking about my health and the health of everyone in my clinic! I want to let everyone know what it has been like the last couple of weeks so you know what is going on and how we are working to take care of ourselves and all of our patients in the best way we know how.

So every day for the last two weeks has been a new day. We had to make the decision to meet every morning and decide if we needed to make any changes in what we are doing to help protect everyone from this virus. Two weeks ago we did not have a single person that had been diagnosed in our county or in the surrounding counties. I knew we were not testing and as soon as we did test we would find some folks who were sick. Every day we have made changes in our methods.

Pam and Virginia and I have been watching the numbers every day. Claudia and others at the clinic have worked hard to try to find us supplies to protect us as we test and take care of our sick patients. Pam and Virginia are seeing any and all sick patients who come into the Wills Valley Family Medicine side of the clinic. I am fortunate to have a building with two sides so we can have well patients come in on the Valley Care DPC side. We have signs up but also are trying to accommodate our hispanic population.

Everyone has been very understanding with all that is going on. When we have to make so many changes so quickly it can become stressful. We now will be working with patients on the phone, face time or other methods so we can keep people at home as much as possible. This is a very challenging time.

I have an incredible team at my clinic and I don’t know how to express how great everyone is working for me. We had to talk about possible lay offs in the future and that was very stressful but so far so good. We don’t have to and I hope we don’t ever have to. But we are all prepared to sacrifice if need be.

This is an unprecedented time and I know we will get through it. Please call us any time to ask questions and let us help you stay out of the hospital and emergency room.