Food Hub

Every Tuesday is our pick up for the food hub!  Please go to to place your order!  You can pay on delivery or pay on-line.  Delivery time is 2-4 pm each Tuesday!  Please see our farm feature for Whirlwind Farm to get to know Dove and Russel Stackhouse who provide the food for the food hub!  They will pick up food from other farms and bring it along with their food.  Dr. Koe also brings food or encourages other farmers to bring food the hub. We have several suppliers that participate!  Thanks for your support.


Farm fresh eggs, beautiful yellow yolks, great for baking, the best pound cake you will ever make.


A very nutritious vegetable has great to build that winter time immune system. A good head of brocolli sold by the head.


You will get either yellow headed or white headed cauliflower good raw or the whole head baked with spices and oil of your choice.. Sold by the head.


This is blue curly kale, can be made into chips good in the massaged kale recipe the is in the recipe section of our website, and steamed with other greens like turnip greens or collards. Sold by the 1/2 Gal. bag.