Due to coronavirus we may not be able to get new batteries for our powerhouse until late into the summer!!  So I cannot run my fridge!  So this is what I am doing!  Thanks to Graves Hardware Store in Collinsville, Alabama for donating a Pelican cooler to the Turkey Trot silent auction lat November!  Graves FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Gravesstore

This cooler is keeping my food cold for days! I freeze a gallon of ice and put in with my necessities. This cooler is a 30 Qt size,  perfect for me as only one person!!  Hopefully, it won’t take all summer to get our new batteries added to the system! I will have to test this cooler out in the hot summer!  During this coronavirus, Tim has power over the main fridge at the big house as I am in quarantine to keep well! So I have to eat what he brings!!

To get a cooler like this here it the link: