Food finder!! 

Agroshare has one of its services and tenets the goal of building a food finder. We want people all over the state to be able to find pastured raised meats and sustainably grown food no matter where you are. These food products are available all over but many times people ask me how to find these locations.

Most farmers have a difficult time with marketing so people know where they are. Their time is spent in managing and growing their food. Many farmers have to go long distances to sell their products in farmers markets. We want to build a way to keep foods as local as possible and have it available to communities where it is grown.

Unfortunately these food products are not subsidized by the government as they should be so that food can stay local. Huge farms and their products are subsidized and these farms produce products that are made into foods that are much less healthy for us. Our local farmers in Dekalb County would likely produce healthier food products if they could afford it.

One of our goals is to make Alabama the healthiest state in the country instead of being near the bottom in so many measures of health. We can do this by supporting local growers. I understand many people cannot always afford the healthiest food. The economy in Alabama is not as good as in other parts of the country.

But currently we have a new large issue of Covid-19 and many of the farmers are working to come together to see if we can come up with some solutions as to how they can get their healthier food to our population. Eating healthier protects us against diseases like Covid-19,  the flu and many other illnesses.

Our food finder has the sole purpose of being available to anyone with a cell phone so they can find farms, farmers markets, CSAs, U-pick farms and restaurants that sell the healthiest options available. So please pass the word and contact us through, facebook, or my clinic and we will help you use the webpage or contribute to our map! Let us know if you know someone who needs to be on the map. We are working to get grants to build an app that is user friendly and available no matter where you are in the state!!