We have had our solar systems for 12 years now in several stages. We had a small system with Trojan golf cart batteries to begin with. It was all I could afford at the time. As we have progressed we have bought better batteries.  One set of our current  batteries for about 8 1/2 years old. When I bought the tiny house four years ago or so we have had to use a heat tape to keep the water pipes from freezing as well as the hot water heater. We have an instant hot water heater on the outside of the house. This type of heat tape can put a strain on the batteries! Unfortunately we are now having issues with our batteries struggling to keep up. The freezing weather causes us to use a lot of the stored power over night to keep these pipes from breaking!!
We have had friends who have had batteries for 15 to 20 years but we have now learned they did not put nearly as much strain on their system as we have done here. So I try to let people know realistically what it means to live in the way that we live here on the farm. There is a learning curve to living off grid and living with solar. We are completely responsible for our own power!  That is no always easy. I am so lucky to have Tim, who works hard to keep the batteries in good shape and keep me in almost a normal living situation even with solar. Calling someone to come in and fix our system when there are issues is almost impossible!
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