We can think the worst or the best.

So we are temporarily in a new situation which none us has ever been in before!  Life can be very unpredictable. We can think the worst, think the best or be in the middle.  I want to post about how to make the best of what is thrown at us. Many times people do come together to help each other when times get hard. I was thinking this morning that if our economy does get a lot harder for a few months, it is a good time to learn to garden.

It may be that we need to consider growing gardens again this year. The timing is good. This is March. The time for planting is coming up in the next month until the end of May. I would love to see a community garden again in Collinsville. It may not be the time now to all get together physically to have a garden but maybe we can do some virtual planning and shopping for seeds. Then we could have staggered schedules to work in the garden. It is so healthy to be outside. It is so healthy to eat garden food. These types of activities can improve our immune system. They can help us heal. They can also keep us from getting sick.


Our economy may struggle until the summer or later. We all need to eat. If anyone wants to have further discussion on this topic let me know!  We have had a lot of clouds but planting with rain and clouds is ok. As long as we eventually get the sun! Spring will be on the way soon.