Man do I have spring fever today!!  Finally no rain and a beautiful, sunny, warm day!! I am blogging about several topics in one post today because I have ADHD today!!


We have a new Cavashu puppy we named Zoey!  She needs to learn to do her business outside as she has never really been out! She is 9 months old in a few days. She loves the outdoors and went to the bathroom outside for the first time!! Yes!!! I don’t want to do puppy pads the rest of her life!  She has been riding on the golf cart! Collecting eggs in the chicken pen with me! Watched me plant peas! And met all the cats, dogs, ducks, chickens and goats!! I guess she never imagined she would do so much in such a short time. We have had her 10 days!

I have also worked to make bone broth for the last two days!  I will add the recipe to our page ( I am currently unable to edit the page since we got our page back up and running, but hopefully this week I can add the bone broth recipe, today is 3-8-20) and I will show ways to make it easily and often to save money on buying it! It can be much less expensive and almost free to make. The benefits are endless. You can drink it as a substitute for water. You can add plenty of salt to help increase your daily intake of salt. You can use it during intermittent fasting. It gives you minerals like calcium and phosphorus.  Sodium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and silicon are also present and collagen which is great for the skin. Bone marrow gives you vitamin A, vitamin K, omega-3s, omega-6s and minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, boron and manganese. Marrow from beef and lamb also contains CLA. Connective tissue: This tissue provides glucosamine and chondroitin, which are popular dietary supplements for arthritis and joint pain. I make it in my pressure cooker.

I hung up my hammock!  I am going to try to learn to sleep in it every night!!  Getting ready for camping trips!!  I have work to do always but can’t stay inside!! Tonight I sleep out! I had tried it in the past but it was too cold and I could not sleep well on my back. I went to a meeting last fall with Sierra Club and they showed us some gear that can make hammock sleeping much better. One thing was to get an under blanket to keep the back side of the body warm. The second thing was to get a sleep mat for inside the hammock so one can sleep on their side and not just on their back. There was a person there who was older than me and she said with practice she was able to sleep in the hammock with no problems!  So tonight I practice!!

Tim and I dug up a couple of beds and planted peas! Tomorrow we hope to get in a little lettuce, spinach and cilantro.

The rain is coming back so gotta feel the sun. Flowers are starting to bloom in our yard from the bulbs Hannah Yeadon and I planted last fall!!  It is going to be so pretty!  The picture above is not my yard but my dream yard!!  It was a great picture!

The blueberries are starting to get some buds. We have not lost a single blueberry plant that we planted just over a year ago!!  We bought them from The Smith Farm where they have 600 blueberry bushes.

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