Every spring we must rinse and squeegee our panels off a few times to keep our power production normal. Pollen can coat the panels daily. The pine trees have not opened yet so this is the first of several rinse jobs we may need to do to keep the power flowing!! This set of panels is the second largest on the farm but the easiest to get to. We have some on the roof that are much harder to clean so are not cleaned as regularly. We did the roof panels yesterday as well. This set of panels in the picture power up some batteries that are older and not doing as well so we must keep these as clean as we can to keep the batteries well charged. Cleaning them only took about 5-10 minutes. The longest part of the process was getting together the bucket, hose and squeegee!!  If we leave them in a closer location, like underneath,  for a few weeks then the chore can be quick and easy. Tim and I did this job together. He cleaned with soap and water and I rinsed.