If you are a solo practitioner or a resident interested in being a solo practitioner please check us out! Join to seek guidance for setting up your own DPC clinic and other information on running a solo practice successfully!  Click the link!!  This is not just about DPC. I have been able to successfully run a solo practice in a small town of 900 for 12 years. I have been through some learning phases and would love to share how you can avoid some mistakes!!  I have been successful and am a very happy solo practitioner.
I plan on providing this page for practitioners only who may want to talk about being in solo practice.  It will need to be private due to the sensitive nature the discussion can take.  I also want to provide an opportunity for practitioners to be able to find out about how we are able to spend time with our patients and still make a living in solo practice. alabama dpc clinics
I will talk about how I got started, some stories about being in practice in a small rural town, the good and the bad of running a small practice, and the business model we use in our clinic. I practice in a town of 900! We have seen over 6000 individual patients in the last 6 years. We don’t just have a DPC clinic. That is actually new and we only serve a very small number of people within that practice. But our traditional practice has been very successful.

If you have any comments on what you may like to see here please get on our forum and ask away.
Here is a sneak peak!  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/827677237737187734/