This Tuesday we will not have any food for the food hub.  But one week from Tuesday it will start up again, hopefully to continue weekly from now on to next winter.  Our focus will be providing food locally and not driving it long distances to Huntsville or Madison!! We want our food to stay close to home. Please let everyone know they can buy veggies in the middle of the week and not just on Saturday at the Collinsville flea market.  Come get fresh vegetables every week even if you only spend a couple of dollars!!  Buy local from our local farmers!  The food is non-certified organic.  The reason it is non-certified is because certification now is a long process that costs small farmers a lot of money.  We want to keep prices low so much of the food provided in our food hub is grown without chemicals including manufactured pesticides and fertilizers.  Anyone can bring food to sell if they have extra in their gardens and we will all work to bring folks in to buy the food that is brought by our local gardeners and farmers.  We are also going to be working to provide healthy, non-certified and certified organic food to Collinsville Rehab and Health Care.  I am working with the Coker’s to help bring this to pass.