I will be adding products that I really like and if you have any suggestions with a critique of your product and why you like it so much please send it our way!!  You may want to get these as gifts for people as well during the holidays and for wedding gifts. 
We are going to add new items to the top of the page and you can scroll down for previously added products.
One item many have bragged about using is the Insta Pot. Now that it not the correct name which is actually the Instant Pot! It is fairly expensive but it can be a great gift for a young couple getting married. It is a good Holiday gift also. I cannot use this pot at my house on solar panels as it cycles on and off frequently and the power it uses if very high. But my kids love this and I use it where I have normal power. The beauty of this machine is the time it takes to cook a meal which can be very fast!
There are many recipes that can be found on line to help make this a great addition to the kitchen!!  We will try to add some to our recipe page as well.

Fermenting Lids

I teach how to eat fermented foods and their benefits at my clinic so I want to add the lids I use at home. I am going to try the second set of lids next as they are less expensive for those with bigger families and a smaller budget!



Let us know what you think of the products we post. You can joint our community and make comments!

The next item I have added on this page is this foldable utility wagon!  I really like this and use it all the time.
I got it from Amazon and I have pulled my grand kids in it as well as transporting items all over my farm.  I take it up my trail when I cannot drive heavier items up to my summer kitchen. Very handy to have.  For those of you who go to conferences such as farming and gardening conferences it is very handy to load products, plants and such in when going from booth to booth.

I just bought this a couple of weeks ago (today’s date, 9-26-19) and used  it this week for chaffles!  It was great.  A Chaffle recipe is included under our recipe page with links to more!!  Super easy to make in a big hurry, especially for one or two people! A bigger waffle iron would do for a family.

Another product I have found very useful on my farm due to the short length of it is a child’s garden hoe. I use it to clean and scrape my chicken hutches and rabbit hutches.  It is small and gets in the corners well and the short handle does not get in the way.  I can also use it to reach areas a little too high or far away!!

Wagons are always so useful on a farm!  I have two utility wagons that are no longer available on Amazon but have just ordered another very similar. I like the fact that the sides come off and I can transport plants around to be put in the sun or taken to the planting site. They are 1000 and 1200lb capacity so they can also carry some wood to my firewood stacker from the wood shed.

This product, the Tribest blender, I have had for years and it has held up well.  I have had this machine since March of 2012!  I have taken it on trips, used it for thick smoothies, ice cream, eggnog, bullet coffee and other various healthier drinks that are hard to get when traveling. I often take it to my kids houses and even hotels. I have taken it to conferences over the years as well.
Another product I love using on my farm is a stirrup hoe also called an action hoe. It is so easy to weed around my plants with this hoe or prepare a bed. It cuts through the weeks really well.  The blade is sharp. I did get a second one that did not have action at the hoe end which does not work nearly as well.