We will have a full library of materials on this page to help people find what they need as we discuss topics on our blogs and other pages.  Please visit often to find what you are looking for!!
Books – I will add books as I read them so you can find where much of the information I have learned comes from.
Documentaries – There have been some really good documentaries out there but we must always be aware of bias!!
YouTube Videos – I am just learning about the power of YouTube! I will add videos and YouTube sites I find interesting.
Websites – I read blogs of other people and I go to websites often that I find very helpful.
Podcasts – When I am driving around town or on long trips I listen to lots of podcasts. Let me know if you find any interesting podcasts on farming or agriculture. I have not found any good ones so far. I will add others I love to listen to.
Resources by state – This is a huge undertaking to put other states on this page so it may take a few months to get it working well.