Many of Joel Salatin’s book are very helpful.  I have several of them and have not finished even one but have read at least half of almost all of them!!  They are all available on Amazon.  I will list a few of them here.  If you have any comments on any books you have read please feel free.  He got me really excited about the possibility of not going broke on a farm!  I work full-time so have not put any of his techniques to work but I know several people who have used many of his ideas.  My dream is to one day have at least one if not two egg mobiles!!
The Pigness of Pigs
Folks this Ain’t Normal
Pastured Poultry Profits
And this last item below is a course he offers to help young farmers.  I have not taken this course.  I would like to know of anyone who has and can comment on it.  This includes 12 DVDs.  Salatin Semesterbox-trans22-e1448664293327