I am a solo practitioner in a small rural community of a population of 900. I absolutely love what I do!! There are 5 hospitals 15 – 25 miles in each direction so I do not do hospital rounds. I do have two clinics, Wills Valley Family Medicine and Valley Care DPC. I also see patients in a group home, two nursing homes and one assisted living retirement facility. And lastly we do home visits weekly. I have an incredible team of folks helping me in my clinics. That is the main reason I can do all that I do. I want to help other residents and medical students as well as practicing physicians know they can be solo practitioners. It gives one the freedom to practice as they would like to and not be under the pressure of a hospital or group practice and the demands that come with those types of employment. There are many fewer solo practitioners now than any any time in the past. Please join our page here and you will be able to ask any questions that may help you make this decision. What direction should we go?  What do others do to make this decision? How do we avoid mistakes?
We want you to have some information about what it is like to be in private practice. I can only answer to my practice but this may be a good place to start if you are wondering what it may be like to have your own practice.

I would love to get many family physicians to participate in our page and have them send their patients here so that we can help with educating their folks on healthy lifestyles.  I am going to add a membership page in the future that will help get this accomplished by offering a low minimal fee for access to all of our education materials. But I also want to help my compadres in medicine learn how to improve their bottom line while working in a solo practice.  I will post some content on this page over the coming weeks and hope that we can get some dialog going on how to keep solo practices viable. We will also have a practitioner page that is not public to discuss ideas there as well.
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