Our goals for Agroshare are to be a web site that many people can come and get information on sustainable living, homesteading, herbs, plants and trees, healthy living, healthy eating and a new way of health care.  We want to do this by providing a searchable forum which is hard to find on other sites including social media sites.  We are working to spread ideas that support sustainable gardening, farming, living and health.  Our hope is to attract all who are willing to grow even one item to feed themselves more whole food.  We want to introduce people to another way of obtaining health care through Direct Primary Care. We want to help people connect and share issues they have in common when trying to live healthier.  We want to be a one stop site with relevant links for education and discussion.  We want to be the ultimate easy to use resource to promote a healthy life and a healthy earth.  We want to link people up with those who are having success and work to avoid failures!  Farming and sustainable living can be a long learning process!

What we offer!

Our page includes but is not limited to:  a forum (join the community), membership pages, blogs, featured farms, newsfeed, resources such as books, movies, podcasts and links to many other pages, articles and research, recipes, events, lots of eduction, connecting with others, and are most exciting application, a food finder!
We want the page to bring homesteaders, physicians, patients, farmers, gardeners, truck farmers, u-pick farms, community and school garden programs, home school groups, minimalists and lots of others.
We understand that being healthy, eating well, and healing the earth can be overwhelming ideas that have many confusing and contradictory messages.  Our mission is to have a forum that addresses and reduces the overwhelm.  We are constantly learning so our mission is also to stay up to date on research and new workable solutions by providing a forum that includes the most productive, sustainable and successful ideas out there.  We want to promote practical ideas that are easy to implement.

Why this page?

Some of the struggles I have run across as well as many other people I have talked to over the years is finding practical information.  It has been very difficult finding people who are located in small pockets all over our state that do many of the sustainable activities listed above.  There is always a lot of information out there but it is not always easily accessible when you need information in you own specific location.  Many of us want to connect with folks in our neighborhood or region.  We don’t always have the time to travel somewhere to get the information we need.  Calling extension offices is not always productive. Many times it has been hard to find people who know how to grow organically or live sustainably.  There are many people who are interested in preventing illness, slowing life down, living with less stress, raising their children in a healthy way, saving money on living in general and becoming happier, healthier people.  It is just hard to get connected.
Another big issues I have found difficult is eating healthy on the road.  One of our main goals is to teach restaurants how to provide healthy fats and have those places put on map so we can find them when we are out and about.  It is also hard to find pastured raised meats and other organic products out in the rural areas of Alabama.  We want to get everyone on the map who wants to be known.
We also want to be culturally diverse.  We want to be inclusive as we are all out here working to live and survive!  Our page will attempt to define terms for clarity.  Many words we adopt in areas of popular culture can become over used, misunderstood or misinterpreted. Our goal is to define terms as they are commonly used so we have more clarity.  Some terms can become adulterated or white washed.  We will attempt to keep up with these changes as we go along.  We also understand there are different cultural interpretations of terms which we will attempt to educate ourselves on.

Finally we ask that no one lashes out at others who have different ideas than our own. Many are very passionate about their thoughts and feelings on all sorts of topics and we welcome passion.  We do want people to be polite and we will not allow name calling or derogatory comments.  We reserve the right to make that determination.  We also encourage reporting of abusive language.